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Natural vs. Synthetic skin care ingredients. Are natural products more effective and less toxic for your skin?

The reality is more complex than you think.  Here are the facts.

Supporters of all-natural substance believe that natural products are more effective than their synthetic counterparts, and that ALL synthetic chemicals are toxic.  This is not necessarily true.

In theory this may be true, however, in reality harmful contaminants exist in both natural and chemically derived ingredients.  Scientifically speaking, the biological effects of a chemical substance and it’s natural analogue are the same.

But here are 4 things  you should look for and think about:

1.  Do the natural/chemical product contain contaminants that are harmful?
2.  Consider the integrity and quality standards of the manufacturer.
3.  Keep in mind that all-natural products tend to degrade and spoil more easily/quickly than synthetic products.
4.  Some synthetic substances have no natural equivalent or cannot be isolated from natural sources. Some may have harmful effects on the skin, while others may have positive effects that are far more effective than those of natural agents.

For example, would you give up your anti-wrinkle retinoid (Retin-A)?  It is more potent than it’s natural analogue Retinol (natural Vitamin A).  Personally, at this time in my life, I choose Retinol for my skin and I also recommend it for many of my clients under 50.  However, for some of my clients above 50 and even under 50, I take the time to review their options of Retinol vs Retinoids.  NOTE:  For those who decide to get on prescription retinoids, I always recommend they take a break from it every 3 months for a month because, although minimal, Retin-A does have systemic affects.

The bottom line is decide between natural and synthetic on a case-by-case basis.  I have seen clients have negative reactions to both chemical and organic/natural products.

Myths vs Facts


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